LibMaker 0.11

Date 20-Oct-2014 20:53:13
Topic: software MorphOS

LibMaker is a tool for developers writing shared libraries. Library details and set of functions can be comfortably specified with GUI (screenshots). Extensive bubble help texts make it even easier. Defined library project may be saved for later reuse. After one click LibMaker generates a complete, ready to compile library skeleton with makefile, placeholders for autodocs and set of include files needed to use the library in applications. For now supported target systems are MorphOS and AmigaOS 3 (GCC 2.95.3 compiler), AmigaOS 4 support is on the way. Code generators are implemented as user modifable Lua scripts, new generators may be added without program recompilation. LibMaker supports incremental development, if library functions are generated to separate files, code generator does not overwrite existing ones. The program is open sourced, may be downloaded from MorphOS Files.

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