VoxelNoid for AROS

Date 27-Oct-2014 21:27:23
Topic: software AROS

Dear ladies and gents,

we just ported our latest game VoxelNoid to AROS (x86, 3D acceleration).
Extra thanks to BSzili for providing a working fresh cross-compiler!
And yes, it's x86 only, no other AROS versions planned, especially no 68k version
And yes, that version is for free too.
And yes, please consider donating if you like it

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Besides that the game itself got some updates including:
- ball shadow
- brick voxel-explosions look better
- debris that doesn't fall on ground jumps around for a while
- 1p: floating brick-hit-scores
- 1p: level complete tune (and new game finish tune)
- 2p: same extras for both players
- 2p: loser's playfield tinted / blinking red depending on how critical the situation gets
- 2p: 2nd player's bat colored differently
- new main font
- swedish localization (thanks to Yasu)
- some minor improvements (like floating extras vanishing nicely when losing a life; better joystick controls)
- some code optimizations
- disk-size reduced by about 1.5 MB
- AmigaOS4 version includes said-to-be-okay WaZp3D config file
- Fix: rare physics calculation error
- Fix, symptom: tooltype parameter SHOW_FPS was not interpreted correctly
- Fix: a malfunctioning joystick could cause the game to not respond to any input

Get all those Amiga versions from here
Or get it for Android
Get the VoxelNoid soundtrack EP
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Have fun!
The Cherry-Darling Team

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