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Date 1-Nov-2014 17:02:51
Topic: Miscellaneous News

The following articles have been added to the website of the french Amiga/MorphOS magazine Obligement ( during the last two months:

- Septembre/October news.
- Old articles from Amiga News 60 to 62 : Review of AMOS Pro 2.0, Review of CanDo 2.5, Hardware: CD32, Review of Brilliance, Interview with Spina, Report: World Of Commodore 1993 Pasadena, Hardware: Emplant, Review of Real 3D 2.0, Hardware: Vidi Amiga 12, etc.
- Interview with Philippe Guichardon (games developper).
- Interview with Randy Platt (developper at Cinemaware).
- Review of VR Slingshot.
- Review of AMIStore.
- Review of Speed Dreams 2.
- Comparison : multimedias software from 1988-1993.
- Update of the glossary.
- File: the Amiga CD32.
- Tutorial: Wi-Fi on MorphOS.
- Tutorial: installation of AmigaOS 4.1 Classic on WinUAE.
- Tutorial: Retr0Bright (update).
- Special quizz about the graphic cards.

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