Support our developers 2014 #2

Date 1-Nov-2014 19:58:23
Topic: Announcement

Hello all,

I throw again a big bounty "Support our developers 2014 #2" to support the developers of non-commercial software for MorphOS still active to this day .

The bounty will end on December 31th, 2014 and will be shared equally between the developers listed below:

- Krashan (LibMaker, LUA Explorardor, digibooster.library, Zormanita, U1Synth, Sudominator, etc...)
- Charry Darling (VoxelNoid, VoxelBird Saga)
- OnyxSoft (Backup, SnapIt, ZoomIt, etc...)
- BSzili (bugfix Wazp3D MorphOS, berusky, OpenJK, SpeedDream, etc...)
- James Jacobs (AmiArcadia, ReportPlus, WormWars, etc...)
- pegasossigi (SoundBookCreator, ePUB Reader, stupid-ftpd, Scriba, Spreedy, InstantZip, InstantUnpack, etc...)
- Fab (MPlayer, MAME, ScummVM, etc...)
- Yomgui (Python, Blender, Gribouillis, etc...)
- OffseT (ACE)
- naTmeg (rhLaunch, etc...)
- Thomas Igracki (gTranslator, yWeather, CRABUM, etc...)
- Templario (Los Chinos, VAMP, SirenaPlayer, etc...)
- Geit (Grunch, SimpleCat, MagicBeacon, etc...)
- Tcheko (SoundBankster, HotBorder, HotCorner, etc..)
- realstar (GenesisPlus, FCEU, SMSPlus, GenesisPlus, etc...)
- widelec (KwaKwa, jabber.module, etc...)
- Achim Kern (PengoBrain, Klix, Operation Sirius, etc...)
- Marian Guc (MomosIRC, PciTool, etc...)
- Balrog Software (UAE4All, Anaglyph 3D, etc...)
- Stefkos (OpenXCom, Pingus, etc...)
- Stefan Haubental (PotRace, jzIntv, Oricutron, etc...)
- Leif Salomonsson (IceFileSystem)
- Marko Drag (Soko4MUI)
- Lázár Zoltán (SQLMan)
- Thomas Rapp (DAPlayer)
- Rob Cranley (InstallerGen)
- tokai (statline, sbar keymap, elephant, etc...)
- neoman (SimpleMail NG)

Don't hesitate to let me know of omissions. If developers don't want to be on this list, they can contact me, I will update the list as soon as possible.You can send your donations via the PayPal button available in the box "Bounty for dev" on the website . I will update the list of donations as soon as possible.
If you do not want your real name in the list of donors, you can ask me to register your nickname or "Anonymous".
The purpose of this project is to mobilize ALL MorphOS users to motivate some developers that we still have. In this project, it is not necessarily the amount of the pot that is important but the number of donations. What would be great is that the box "Bounty for dev" is longer than the "News" box.

Let us mobilize to advance MorphOS.

MorphOS Power!!!

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