Introducing the Boingbox computer series

Date 7-Nov-2014 1:12:52
Topic: Announcement

I would like to introduce you the new Boingbox line.
Boingboxes are computers based on Acube's PPC boards or PC's (replacing the AresOne line).

The new Boingbox series

For now I have only refurbished SAMs in stock but I am prepared (mentally) for the new SAM460cr. (The English description is not ready yet)

The AresOne line had it's time. The ARES brand is still used for CAD-Workstation like the ARES XEON. The board is also AROS native compatible but no more the primary AROS or Amigacentric line.

More variants (lower price) will i will not announce everyone over and over again ; )
Just keep an eye if you are interested.

All Boingbox systems will include 2500 indiecoins for which you can buy stuff like AMC (the amiga-media center) and or G.E.M.Z and or the Album by Remute "Theme Tunes For 10 Games Never Made" and or other things..

Also you will get free Amicloud storage space (Open beta is coming).

If you plan to sell your SAM's, feel free to ask me : ) I am interested.
You can also trade them in if you buy something else.

I am also looking for Partners around the globe, especially US of A, Canada, Asia, Australia. Shipping hurts a lot : )

As always:
Money earned goes into development of AROS and AmigaOS and AmigaNX (which will be available for both)- projects.

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