#amiga guide magazine still active! Status update!

Date 8-Nov-2014 15:38:22
Topic: Miscellaneous News

The sister Amiga magazines "#amiga guide magazine" (English) and "Amigaguiden" (Norwegian) are still active!

The magazines have all the way been produced using DTP programs Professional Page (for the early Amigaguiden issues) and PageStream for AmigaOS. We have been doing this since 1992.

Our Norwegian Amiga Association (NAF - Norsk amigaforening) has been in activity and service for the Amiga for 22 years and counting.

Download old PDF issues and subscribe for paper issue by reading more...

NAF is time being doing a job with our two websites:
amiga.zone <- Norwegian site
amigaweb.net <- English site

We are upgrading the code and will develop better working sites.

In the years from 2010 to 2012 there was low activity in our national usergroup.

But last year, in 2013, we decided to put more effort in this again, so in the Autumn 2013 we restarted the magazines. We made one issue in 2013 of both #amiga guide magazine and Amigaguiden magazine and got with only a little effort by marketing at IRC a small amount of 13 subscribers, which is a start.

Now I guess I can say that we will make both #amiga guide magazine and Amigaguiden magazine ready for Christmas 2014. (Sorry, only one issue this year, too.)

If you want to subscribe for either the English #amiga guide magazine or the Norwegian Amigaguiden magazine, do like this:

For Norwegian readers: Make 290 NOK payable to PayPal account: tommy@garantert.net

For English readers: Make payable the following to the PayPal account: tommy@garantert.net

--- for postage to Europe: 49
--- for postage to rest of the world: 57

This covers for a subscription for four paper issues of #amiga guide magazine or Amigaguiden magazine.

For 2015 we have decided to make one issue first half and on issue second half of the year (goes for both editions of the magazine). For 2016, time will tell...

Download free PDF issue of Amigaguiden 2013 (Norwegian)
Download free PDF issue of #amiga guide magazine 2013

PDF version in these files is PDF 1.5. I can not remember if this version is supported by AmigaOS PDF readers, but at the moment this is the best we could do.

The older, free PDF files for the magazines are downloadable from:
Norwegian: Amigaguiden download
English: #amiga guide magazine download

These older PDF files are of PDF version 1.4, at least the newer ones.

In the end; I am sorry for this loooong update, but I think this was needed to tell the Amiga community that we are still active.

Last, but not least, I want to welcome any IRC users out there to join us at #Amiga @ EFnet.

This channel is well frequented and quite active.

- alef

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