Mediator Multimedia CD UP 2.3

Date 25-Nov-2014 11:58:49
Topic: software Classic

The MM CD 2.3 update for registered users of all Mediator models has been released today.

The Mediator Multimedia CD UP 2.3 includes a new versions of:

pci.library (ver. 9.10)
Radeon.card (ver. 2.20)
Voodoo.card (ver. 4.34)
MedConfig (ver. 2.0)

The pci.library ver. 9.10 includes new procedures for allocation of the DMA buffers for PCI cards working in the busmaster mode. New software improves timings of the PCI busmaster cards (Spider, SB4.1, SB128, FM801, TV tuner, FastEthernet) during their acesses to the DMA buffers located in the SDRAM/SGRAM memory of the PCI gfx card. New software should solve issues of same SB128 cards in the Radeon based configurations.

In the new version of the MedConfig script the support for RadeonMemOS, VoodooMemOS and SpiderBuf variables has been added. New RadeonMemOS and VoodooMemOS variables allow to control the function which adds a part of gfx card SDRAM/SGRAM memory to the Amiga system memory.

Information on the current versions is available in the DOWNLOADS | Mediator section. The current list of supported PCI cards is available in the Mediator Driver Guide. Information about Mediator-related sources you will find in the COMMUNITY section.

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