OS4 on tour hits Denmark.

Date 31-Jul-2003 12:39:49
Topic: Announcement

We hereby welcome all Amiga fans to a couple of hours of Amiga OS 4 demonstration.

Amiga OS 4 (newest BETA) will be shown running on an A4000 fitted with a CyberstormPPC accelerator, but it will also be possible to have a closer look at an AmigaOne XE-G4.

Place and date is 9th August from 13:00 to 17:00 at Syvstjerneskolen in Værløse, Denmark.

For more details, please look at our website: http://www.amiga.dk/os4ontour/amigaos4tour_eng.html

We hope to see a lot of Danish (and Swedish?) Amiga users attend. Be there!

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