InstallerGen Updated to Version 1.1

Date 8-Dec-2014 1:28:53
Topic: software Classic

InstallerGen has just been updated. Version 1.1 is now available from and should be available on AmiNet very shortly.

A huge thank you goes out to Yannick Buchy for the French catalog, and Hubert Maier for the German catalog and German guide, and to both for their betatesting and feedback! Big thanks also to everyone else who donated and those who gave feedback, I greatly appreciate it!

InstallerGen allows developers to build Installer scripts using a GUI. It is developed for OS 3, but is tested on OS4.1, MorphOS 3.7 and is reported as working on AROS 68k.

Changes in this version include:
- Locale support with French and German catalogs included
- Variable support for paths in Version, Delete, exists and Rename step types
- Fixed Delete, Exists steps
- Context-sensitive help
- Improved and fixed guide
- Improved variables list (updates in real-time, excludes literal strings)
- GUI updates optimised, much faster redrawing on classics and fixed the jittering on slower machines
- Fixed a couple of enforcer hits
- Other tweaks and improvements I can't remember right now...

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