AmiKitReal 8 Released

Date 8-Dec-2014 22:37:15
Topic: News

We are happy to announce the release of the new full and update installers of AmiKitReal !
Free download available at:

Now including new programs like Rainboot v3.2 so now you can boot with a progress bar and select among eight configurations plus a random one, a new MorpheuZ with different images, voices and options, the Renegades Deluxe game, Cooper-Demon, a new IconMaker program by James Stalham to create your own icons or ScreenText by Thomas Rapp to welcome you with some info on screen.

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With this update we are introducing two programs that are under development. MUI 4 is installed by default but you can revert to the 3.8 version using MorpheuZ, and the new DOpus 5.91 can also be installed with the help of MorpheuZ.

Five more booting voices by DJNick that will play randomly when you boot, new wallpapers and patterns and many other improvements for example in the User Menu (Magellan) to directly edit the Startup-Sequence or User-Startup, updates like NetsurfAGA, changes on some preferences or a “Better Config” program on Tools that will let you use a “Top config” on WinUAE or powerful Amiga with just a click. Seven Icon-Scripts have been created to launch some radio streams with a double click or directly from a new dock on AmiDock.

The update installer will also update the Mattahan's Icons Set for those that are using it, and I am releasing also a 16 Colors Ken’s Icons pack that will use 32 colors for each one (16+16) instead of the 512 they normally use, and that will mean a huge boost on the icon’s speed.

Many thanks to Thomas Rapp for his great help with many options of the update, update of his ScreenText program or small scripts to run a lot of options, Dan Wood for sharing his Radio stream scripts, Andreas Falkenhahn for his Rainboot program and help, DJNick for his booting voices, Thilo Köhler for his help with ImageConverter, James Stalham for his new IconMaker program and Ken Lester for sharing his own scripts to create icons. Also thanks to Neil Kafferkey for the new Prism2V2, to M.C. Battilana and AmigaKit for sharing Personal Paint 7.1c. Thanks to Kycer/CSG for ksc_TotalReset and finally a great Thanks to Wayne Ashworth and Kevin Darbyshire for the update of the Renegades Deluxe game.

Have fun!

Some Screenshots:

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