AmigaOs4.1 Altivec Mplayer optimization

Date 10-Dec-2014 20:55:02
Topic: News

We want to collect some money for Altivec Mplayer optimization.

We have a programmer for it. We need 805 Euro for the programmer
+ PayPal fee for receiving money (1,9% + 0,35 EUR) 15,65 Euro
+ 10% withdrawal fee if this bounty should be fail

- it is risk for all Altivec owners,no guarantee of a speed advantage
- goal is that Prometheus h 264 1920x1080 works on a X1000
- goal is speed advantage on PAT6
- goal is speed advantage on every Altivec Amiga like G4
- goal is speed advantage on G5 (MorphOs)
- OpenSource

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