AMIGAplus 07-08/2003 out now

Date 31-Jul-2003 19:28:45
Topic: Announcement

Issue 07-08/2003 of the German 68 pages, 4c paper magazine AMIGAplus is out now including eight hardware-reviews, workshops and much more.

Content of this issue:

- Reviews of X-Surf II and Catweasel MK3/PCI Flipper

- Reviews of ATI Radeon Pro 9000, Plextor Premium CD-RW 52x24x52, LaCie Data Bank Pocket Drive, Konica Digital Revio C2, Canon BJC i850 and Creative Optical Mouse

- eMail-Special: Review of YAM 2.4 plus "Anti-Spam with YAM" workshop

- A+ in Augsburg: AmigaOS 4 on Tour

- Interview with Micky "Diavolo Backup" Wenngatz

- Listen: Audio-CD "Amiga Immortal 2"

- Workshop: NetBSD auf dem Amiga (part 2)

- Workshop Video & DraCo (part 5)

- Amiga Status Report: 64-Bit-Fever

- Demoscene: Underdogs

- Amiga market overview: prices, distributors a.s.o.

- and much more

AMIGAplus is available via subscription, direct order or through your local Amiga dealer on demand for 5,- EUR.

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