AEROS for Amiqube available now - and some discounts are coming

Date 14-Dec-2014 11:21:13
Topic: software AROS

I am glad to announce that AEROS for Amiqube is now available from my italian partner. The download-version is available at the indieGO!-app store. Customers of the physical version can request a voucher from me to download future updates.

If you remember i tried to get some donations together to continue on indieGO!-Appstore and amicloud... well one nice guy helped me out (Owner of and in response he has now his hands above AEROS for Amiqube and imx6-family based ARM-devices.

So far the Amiqube version is the most advanced one. Basically because the imx6-Familly has some CPU-functions not available on other devices such the Pi. DOOM for AROS works for example only there so far.

This shaky video shows the release running on a single-core device with much less memory than the one sold now.

AEROS for Amiqube at

I wish them good luck with the Amiqube.

Now something regarding AEROS Premium (Pi, Odroid U2/U3, PC, PPC Mac, Amiqube).

AEROS Premium will be enhanced by adding exclusive and commercial bits to it as for example FinalWriter, Amicloud and Elltechs Exagear i386 wrapper for ARM.

Existing Plus users will be able to upgrade for a reduced price. So you will not be asked to pay twice. Off course single elements can be bought standalone anyway, but the intention is to create a bundle at a reduced price.

A last thing:
At we will reduce the Boingbox prices by at least 10% starting next week.

Also you should check out the indieCoin offer... if basically a 10 worth gift.

Best Regards,

What is AEROS:
A AROS hosted distribution allowing to execute Linux apps and command from within AROS.
From shell you can for example run "lx LINUXAPP" and the linux app will be executed.
Linux apps can be installed via packet managers as synaptic.

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