zTools 1.3 available on AMIStore

Date 13-Jan-2015 14:10:03
Topic: software OS4

zTools 1.3 is now available as a free update on the AMIStore.

This version contains updates for Installer, aTunes_Cover_AAmp, SysMon, NetDock, WebReplay, FastView, FlipPaper, FastCompress and AttachMail for AmigaOS 4.1 FE compatibility

See below for more details...

-zTools Installer 1.3

* Fixed a problem with titles of the About windows after resizing

-aTunes_Cover_AAmp 2.5

* Fixed a crash at startup under AmigaOS 4 Final Edition

-SysMon 4.7

* Fixed a problem with Window identification and closure

* Fixed a problem with Catalogs detection in Libraries tab when Locale was English

-NetDock 51.8

* Added 1 set of pictures for MINIDOCK representation made by Tony 'Sinisrus' Canazza.

To use it, specify MINIDOCK_THEME = 6

-WebReplay 1.9

* Added GameReactor website support

English video games webchannel

* Added GamePro website support

German video games webchannel

* Added Pluzz website support

French France Television replay website
A recent version of ffmpeg is needed and ffmpeg have to be started once (APPDIR:ffmpeg is used)

* Added Arte website support

Germano-french Arte channel

http://www.arte.tv/guide/fr/plus7 for french version
http://www.arte.tv/guide/de/plus7 for german version

* Added SpazioGames website support

Italian video games webchannel

A little part of these videos are YouTube videos. Therefore WebReplay will start APPDIR:SMTube to display them.
Please be sure to install SMTube before otherwise a error requestor will be displayed.

* Added 3DJuegos website support

Spanish video games webchannel

* Fixed 2 "A" category websites (see included ReadMe for more informations)

-FastView 3.6
-FlipPaper 2.0
-FastCompress 2.7
-AttachMail 2.0

* Added detection of the AmigaOS level during installation

* Added ContextMenus.cfg Final Edition new syntax
AmigaOS 4.1.6 is still supported

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