AmiKit on bootable Flash Disk. AmiKit 8.2 with updated MUI4 released.

Date 30-Jan-2015 10:28:01
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Solid metal design. Limited Edition.

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Thanks for using AmiKit. To make it even better for you, we have released a new update which installs automatically thanks to integrated Live Update feature. AmiKit download and update is always FREE.


AmiKit USB Flash disk contains a very small lightweight “live boot” Linux system, called AmiPUP, with AmiKit pre-installed. At boot, EVERYTHING is loaded into RAM, so all applications load blazing fast! The host system is never touched. Thanks to Kenneth E. Lester, Jr. for this magic.


AmiKit is a free project, powered by enthusiasm, that turns your computer, tablet or phone into legendary Amiga computer. This emulated software package includes more than 350 of the finest Amiga programs. Everything is polished and pre-configured at your service. AmiKit is available for Windows, Linux, Mac and Android.


- MUI 4 (Magic User Interface) has been exclusively updated for AmiKit again! For example, keyboard support for virtual groups has been implemented, as well as support for menu item images. MUI 4 now contains a stack check feature, and many bugs have been fixed.
- We introduce a special MUI version of EvenMore in this release. EvenMore is a decent textviewer with a plugin system.
- Ukrainian developer Lyubomyr Lisen has updated the AmiKit app for Android. It now uses a graphical user interface, which can be invoked by the Back or Menu key.
- Other software updates include a new SimpleMail, Amiga Image Storage System, IconLib, Layers Library, MUIbase and NetSurf. Russian locale is also supported (beta).
- Last, but not least, a very addictive "run and jump" platform game, called Boxx2, is waiting for you in AmiKit:Games folder.

New MUI4 for OS3.x - a Graphical User Interface by Stefan Stuntz, Thore Böckelmann and Jens Maus:

New EvenMore - a MUI textviewer by Chris Perver:

AmiKit application for Android, now with GUI! By Lyubomyr Lisen:

Boxx 2 - a retro "jump and run" game by Lemming880:


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