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Date 1-Feb-2015 12:20:03
Topic: News

A new issue of the sister Amiga fanzines #amiga guide magazine (English) and Amigaguiden (Norwegian) has been printed and distributed to the several hundred subscribers ;P

As earlier promised, we made one issue for Christmas 2013, one for Christmas 2014, and for 2015 we will make two issues. (That's an increase of 100%, folks!!! :) )

For information about how to support us with a subscription and to download old PDF files of the fanzines for free, we refer to
this article on AmigaWorld.

The front page of the latest #amiga guide magazine:

This magazine also comes in a Norwegian edition.

The magazine contains:
- News
- How a domain shark took
- Dream or reality
- Game test
- Bjander - Our man in Japan: How Amiga can conquer Asia ...

We need about 2000 new subscribers to make a bi-monthly fanzine! Order your subscription today and get a free email from Congo containing information about how to be paid 1,500,000 from the government treasurer! (kidding...)

Seriously, we need all the support we can get! We have been working hard since 1992 for the Amiga families, support us like we support you!

AMiGA - a way of living!

- alef

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