First release of AmiWallet

Date 6-Feb-2015 19:12:13
Topic: Software News


this is the first release of AmiWallet.

AmiWallet allows you to easily add credits to you indieGO!-Account.
Also it allows to donate coins to Developers or between developers.

Not supported at this point are transaction between normal users.

Normal user to dev = ok
dev to dev = ok
user to user = not allowed (this will change at a later point)

Additional support for other coins will follow.

indieCoins are not like Bitcoins.
indieCoins are based on real money and similar to payback points (a in germany well known bonus system /cashback system)

It brings some other benefits as allowing micro transaction (not interesting here but for other things)

indieCoins are available at
Any purchase on will be honored with at least 5% cashback. Some may get more based on my mood.

10000indieCoins are payed out each month (or more if revenue allows) to honor top10 developers (counted by downloads in a month) with 1/10th of this sum.

Every customer of since 2009 can request a 5% cashback for his purchases.

AmiWallet makes it easy to find your favorite developers and donate remaining credits.

Of course you can also buy a app in the indieGO!- Appstore from your favorite dev ; )

Besides buying indieCoins you can also earn them.

1. For each news item (regarding a release in the store, or indieGO! and or AresComputer related things) posted on a Amiga-Forums "news-section" you can request 1000indieCoins .

2. For writing a review in (doc(x) or odt format of anything released in indieGO!-Store you get 1000indieCoins per page (max 3 A4 pages).

Please ask prior writing it because some may be done already.

I would like to collect those to build a growing paper Mag (epub and printed)

More offerings will follow.

One thing I would like to add later is a possibility to order Pizza and Cola ; ) We will forward those requests to existing services.

AmiWallet for AROS i386 ... 112727/

AmiWallet for Aros68k ... 0205-112727/

or: ... 12727/

AmiWallet for Windows ... 150205-112727/

AmiWallet for OSX PPC ... 12727/

AmiWallet for OSX x86 ... 12727/

Please report bugs : )
Will be honored as well but for this Broadway will come with a Feedback assistant.

The service fee for a transaction is temporary set to 10%. Foundations (something like "gemeinnützige Vereine") will get a 0% fee.

Some people will also have lower fee. By default it is 10%. This money is collected again to pay hosting and the monthly developer bonus.

More versions are available at the indieGO!-Appstore

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