Recovered tunes released in memory of Elektr0n1ka (update)

Date 12-Oct-2015 13:29:26
Topic: Announcement

My friend Vlado Ribic left us in 2010 (born 1977). Personal problems, health, depression etc.

I managed to resurect 19 tunes of Elektr0n1ka, 6 from old harddrive and now 13 more from 2 cds.
It took me 5 years to finally thinking about doing all the work and share them to the community.
We have been using names like Transplant, Emulate, Elektr0n1ka (Vlado), Psykicko (Me) etc.

At the end most of the time went to test/rearrange/delete and do backups then music making. He was a really good musician and ahead into electronic flavours like psytrance/darkpsy etc, even back in time when he used Amiga. He then moved to fasttracker on windows, tried some other trackers and finally went to fruity loops.

I still blame myself a bit for a lack of music production the last years while he was alive as it resulted less producing for him too. He tried to get me to continue and blamed my time on social media like facebook etc. I deleted FB for 2 months and went back. I just have to learn have control of it :) Im also sad that i didnt get a laptop with windows and FL Studio while he was alive.

But as the time goes it gets easier but still it feels like some piece of me is missing. The friend and the music.

As you already know the tracks are done on windows using FL Studio (Fruity Loops).
I had to use windows to upload the videos on youtube as Odyssey cant login anymore.

Programs used on the x1000 with OS4.1 FE are:

CodeAudio (Onyxsoft) for mp3 encoding with VBR upto 320kbps
ffmpeggui (KTadd) for the still-picture-video
PFTP (Pete) for uploading stuff on my homepage

Links to the artist pages and music/videos

youtube (Check the Elektr0n1ka playlist)

google+ psykicko artist page

facebook psykicko artist page

psykicko homepage (links to mp3s and youtube videos)

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