The Secret of Middle City. Official demo available

Date 24-Feb-2015 17:52:17
Topic: News

Good afternoon, my fellow Amigans,

I'm proud to announce that "The Secret of Middle City" official demo in now available for direct download from our website.

You will find all relevant information inside the download section of GDG Entertainment.

At present the demo runs on AmigaOS v4.1.x, MorphOS and MacOS X.

Windows version (tested on systems ranging from XP to 8.1) is foreseen in the next few days.

In addition, thanks to the brand new Hollywood 6 Epiphany and its stand-alone Linux environment, a Linux compliant version of TSMC could come sooner than I expected.

Enjoy the demo.

Download links are also available on Stefano Buonocore website, the game creator and designer.

Best regards

Gianluca Girelli

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