New external floppy drive for Amiga now available for preorder!

Date 28-Feb-2015 2:18:33
Topic: hardware Classic

New external floppy drive for Amiga now available for preorder at RetroAmi shop! The drives are manufactured by Sakura company, which previously has successfully completed the project of PCMCIA SRAM expansions.

The drives are compatible with all classic Amiga models equipped with external disk drive connector. The only version available in preorder will be shipped with PC drive mechanism, but behave exactly as original Amiga-style 880kB DD disk drives (thanks to flexibility of the interface board).

This picture shows a prototype. Final version will be painted black and have minor case corrections.

The price in preorder is 195 PLN (around $53). Note that after preorder ends, the price will increase. The drives are covered by 24-months warranty and will be shipped to users late April.

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