AMINUX - Aros Vision running from stick

Date 28-Feb-2015 23:08:38
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MUST BE WRITTEN TO USB-STICK with "dd" or WinImageWriter32 or similar tools.

What it does:
It is based on KNOPPIX and boots into FS-UAE running AROS VISION 68k distribution done by Olaf Schönweiß.

It works with ATI, Nvidia and Intel GPU's.

The slowest system i had for testing was a 1.5GHZ Celeron with Intel915 Chipsset. It worked good for ECS and AGA games.

Network is working out of the box if "wired". Wifi has to be edited from Preferences Menu in Linux. Quit FS-UAE with F12.

For powering of you just need to press your "power button". A requester will appear. PLEASE DON'T POWER OFF YOUR COMPUTER BEFORE LINUX DOES THE SHUTDOWN! IT WILL POWER YOUR SYSTEM OFF. WRITING TO USB IS SUPPORTED.

Aminux r3 changelog:
Updated linux ground
Updated to latest "stable" FS-UAE
Updated to latest AROS Vision
Created a 4GB FAT32 extra partition (8GB USB stick is required)
People can install AmigaOS or add adf's

If you use a bigger USB-Stick you can use gparted (included) to resize partition or add more to the stick.


Here is a video how to install Knoppix to harddrive (still not tested)

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