AROS Broadway technical preview 1 (of 4)

Date 15-Mar-2015 17:12:51
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long time ago there was a native AROS Distribution called Broadway.....
Now it is back at least as a sneak peek.

Broadway is a native distribution which was on hold because we worked (and still work) on some features which where not ready back then (if I remember correct that last update was in early 2013).

The preview snapshots will come roughly every 2-3 Month including always a new addition to the distro we are working on.

Changelog (short version):
  • based on latest abi v0
  • reduced size so it fits also on a cdrw (659MB)
  • streamlined installation (depending on install media it can be done in under a minute)
  • indiego AppStore (alpha)
  • indiego download manager (alpha)
  • amiwallet (alpha)
  • new wip theme

Iso is available here:
and from the indieGO!-Appstore.

Next preview will include AmiCloud. 3 and 4 will include a Feedback assist (see OS X beta) a new launcher, a chat system.

Than Broadway 1.0 will be done and work on 2.0 will start.

The ideology behind Broadway:
Broadway will get smaller so downloading, burning and installation should be as fast as possible.
We will soon introduce our IGO packages (similar to debs on debian). This will be the way how I will do my "maintenance" -> providing new packages sorted in "stable" , "beta" and "experimental" . So User can decide what to get and how much they like to risk. Stable will be stable.

The App Store will be filled as well with IGO packages of classic software for other platforms. The packages contain informations about the real system -> so a emulation environment will be provided as long your computer can handle it.
This way you will be able to easily find, install and run virtually hundred of thousands of apps and games...

That it the plan
So no one will ever tell that there is no game or software available.

Of course we will also provide new unique apps and new ports running native.

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