Amiga Arena - Jubilee special offer for "PhotoAlbum/CyberShow"

Date 2-Aug-2003 14:03:47
Topic: Announcement

*Jubilee special offer for "PhotoAlbum/Cybershow"*

One of the first Shareware programms i had in the Amiga Arena for a special offer in 1998,was the great Picture management software "PhotoAlbum/Cybershow" from Helmut Hoffman. For me the best Picture management software for the Amiga.

So,i m very happy to present you after all the years again a special offer for "PhotoAlbum/Cybershow".
You can registrate "PhotoAlbum/Cybershow" for only 15,00 EUR per EU Bank transfer,only valid till 31.08.2003. Please use only the Registration Form from the

For more Infos about "PhotoAlbum/Cybershow" please visit the Homepage.

*What is the future for "PhotoAlbum/Cybershow"?* The future of "PhotoAlbum/Cybershow" is in your Hand. If you like to see,new updates or features,please send feedback to the
developer Helmut Hoffman,or better,registrate your copy and show you interest in this great piece of software. I hope that this "Jubilee special offer" will be a success to see in the future a new Version from "PhotoAlbum/Cybershow".

Olaf K. - Amiga Arena
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