AMIStore: Workbench CANDI updated with Easter theme and more!

Date 3-Apr-2015 16:46:03
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Workbench CANDI updated with Easter theme and more!
Animated Workbench Backdrops

A-EON Technology Ltd is pleased to announce that Workbench CANDI has now been updated and is available to download from AMIStore App Store. This update is free of charge to all customers that have bought CANDI from AMIStore. Any new customers who want to purchase CANDI can now do so from AMIStore.

A new Easter bunny theme has been created in addition to other changes required for future enhancements. The lite version of CANDI has now been replaced by a tooltype which can be used to select LOWCPU option for less capable hardware.

Once again, our special thanks go to Kevin Saunders and Entwickler-X who have done some wonderful work in realising this update for A-EON.

The new animated Easter theme is added to the collection of other themes already included in CANDI. Watch out for white bunnies suddenly appearing in the green grass gently blowing in the wind on your Workbench backdrop!

Other updates:

* Automatically switch between CANDI animations by double-clicking on a CANDI icon.

* Double clicking on the same CANDI icon switches the Workbench animation off.

* CANDI animation goes to sleep if the Workbench goes behind another active screen.

* New tooltypes to select LOWCPU option for less capable hardware (removing the need for a LOWCPU CANDI version).

* ResetWB option now works when CANDI is running.

* Each CANDI can now be controlled by an external program/utility. (coming soon).

A-EON delivers!

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