zTools 1.6 available on AMIStore

Date 7-Apr-2015 10:16:51
Topic: Amigaworld.net News

zTools 1.6, april update, is now available as a free update on AMIStore.

This version contains updates for SysMon, WebReplay, zTools Installer and some fixes for FastView, aTunes, FastNote and CPUDock

See below for more details...

-SysMon 4.9

* Renamed Volumes tab to Devices tab

*Added an USB devices list in the Devices tab

* Added a Dismount menu option in Volumes List in Devices tab

This new menu options allows to soft, normally or force dismount volume.
Of course, use this function at your own risk.

* Added SDLBench result for AmigaOne X1000 with R7-250X graphic card

* Replaced MUI Register class by new MUI Title class.

* Fixed a bug that removed the Hostname resolution in Netstat tab after a Port scan.

* Fixed a non freeing of the bsdsocket.library.

* Fixed all MUI Objects Cycle chain.

* [SysMon_USBRecycle]
Added an external tool, SysMon_USBRecycle, to circumvent the SAM4x0 USB bug.

It's an improved version of USBRecycle available on OS4Depot including logging, checking of USB device and option to ignore somes devices

Icon from Thomas 'TommySammy' Blatt
See ReadMe_SysMon_USBRecycle.txt for more infos

* [SysMon_SetTaskPri]
Added an external tool, SysMon_SetTaskPri, to change priority of task/process from CLI.

Can be useful to promote some system tasks from User-Startup or from REXX script
Icon from Thomas 'TommySammy' Blatt
See ReadMe_SysMon_SetTaskPri.txt for more infos

-WebReplay 2.2

* Added a new "downloader" program. Now Curl can be used.

Curl allows to break the download with CTRL-C (wget is unable to do that) and overall seems to avoid boring BSDSocket.library DSI.

Wget is the default downloader program. Specify the program that you want in the "Use" choice area

* Added an AppIcon and a ScreenTitle with version informations.

* Added 1 A website (see ReadMe for more information)

* Fixed french Pluzz website

* Fixed french Premiere website

* Fixed germano-french Arte website.
Now it uses rtmpdump instead of wget or Curl

* Fixed RussiaToday website to handle some YouTube videos (viewables with SMTube)

* Fixed a A website changes (see ReadMe for more information)

-zTools_Installer 1.6

* Updated programs since previous zTools package have now a white background

-FastView v3.9

* Fixed a problem thumbnail of 8 bits pictures
Display was trashed under FE but OK under 4.1.6

-aTunes v2.7

* Fixed wrong shortcut on "Stream / Music" button

-FastNote 1.3

* Added an option to disable "Close with Esc" key.
Default = OFF (disable Esc key)

-CPUDock 50.8

* Fixed a refresh problem

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