Aros Vision 2.9.2 online

Date 10-Apr-2015 21:46:19
Topic: News

I have updated my distribution today.

New or updated

Build again from scratch based on newest Aros 68
Netsurf updated
Free Pascal updated
Theme can be changed by menu
MUI classes updated
Hollywood plugins updated
AppStore client updated
it should be faster
screenblanker added

Informations and downloads including direct link from:

g standalone versions)

I will call this version AROS Vision RTG in future

Additionally I will add more platforms in future that share look & feel

In development:

Aros Vision ECS (for real 68k hardware and FPGA)
Aros Vision X86

Aros Vision X86 is based on Windows hosted making it easy to start from Windows (without any installation). Disadvantage right now no network and sound.

Two screenshots (Theme just example):

More platforms planned (includin

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