AROS Broadway preview 2 available for Download

Date 24-Apr-2015 14:11:05
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A second preview of AROS Broadway (a i386 AROS distrubution laying on the rocks) is now available.

This time we introduce our VAN (Vector animation Format and VAN-Player).

With VAN-Player you can Play VAN-Animations, Benchmark your System and enjoy our Bad-Apple demo Remix : )

We will release VAN Player also for AmigaOS and MorphOS during this week, as well as some animations to test it.

Appstore Clients can be found here:

A Video (sorry Sound is not the real one because i could not record the virtualbox Audio... i have another Video showing it on a EEEPC in the Pipeline) can be found here:

--- VAN Player ---
--- Vector Animation Player ---

VAN stands for Vector ANimation, it's a container
for SVG based animations that can be easily played
back using a player.

VAN Player is a software used to test the playback
of VAN files, it's almost like any other video
player with the usual controls.
VAN Player has been coded using Hollywood 6.

It's an Hollywood library with all necessary APIs to
build and playback VAN videos.

- Support for MP3, OGG, WAV and MOD (with some
limitations) sound track.
- Frames can be compressed for smaller size but will
require a fast harddisk and more CPU power than
non-compressed frames. The same applies to the
- Automatic frame skip to keep the video synchronized
with the audio track.

Execute VAN Player without arguments double clicking
its icon.
Actually there are some limitations due to some things
must be resolved first.
- Player window can't be resized during a playback because
of an Hollywood bug (already fixed).
- You cannot use the slider during playback because of
poor performances, so pause the playback, move the slider
and resume the playback.

You can execute VAN Player from your shell using the follwing
arguments (the pipe sign | means OR ):

-debug 0 | 1 | 2 | 3
0 : Disable debug output (default)
1 : Enable debug for the main application
2 : Enable debug for main application and SVGA library
3 : Enable debug for main application, SVGA library and HGui

-ansi 0 | 1
0 : Disable debug ansi support (default)
1 : Enable debug ansi support

-doublebuffer 0 | 1
0 : Disable double buffer
1 : Enable double buffer (default)

-benchmark 0 | 1
0 : - not used -
1 : Start benchamark mode
At the end of the benchmark a file will be
generated to keep track of your results.

-file filename
filename : VAN file to playback

-tfolder folder
folder : Temporary folder used to decompress frames

SOLID : Draw a solid color background (default)
Optional arguments:
-color color
color : ARGB or RGB background color

GRADIENT : Draw a color gradient background
Optional arguments:
-colorlist color1,pos1,color2,pos2,...,colorn,posn
color : RGB color
pos : color position range 0.0 - 1.0, first color must have 0
last color must have 1.
example -colorlist $ff0000,0,$00ff00,0.5,$00ff00,1

LINEAR : linear gradient
CONICAL : conical gradient
RADIAL : radial gradient

-angle angle
angle : gradien angle
TEXTURE : Draw textured background
Optional arguments:
-tfile file
file : image to use as texture

-cachebg 0 | 1
0 : The background is not cached
1 : The backgound is cached (default)

-hardware 0 | 1
0 : Disable hardware acceleration (default)
1 : Enable hardware acceleration
NOTE: Not all systems are supported by this feature
where not supported hardware flag can result
slower, please execute a benchmark to check if
your system is faster using hardware acceleration.

-demo 0 | 1
0 : - not used -
1 : Run in demo mode (ESC key to quit)

Keep in mind that this is a preliminary implementation
with basic features and space for further optimization.

The included animation is the famous Bad Apple video
encoded in black & white, it's uncompressed, unoptimized
and uses the Ogg Vorbis encoder for the sound track.
Please do not remove it because it's used by the
benchmark tool.

More test animations will be available soon. (later this day if my internet connection will allow it)


7z. 216MB file size. (ISO is 680MB)

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