zTools 1.7 available on AMIStore

Date 3-May-2015 22:40:45
Topic: software OS4

zTools 1.7, new free monthly update, is now available on AMIStore.

This version contains some nices enhancements for SysMon, FastView, aTunes, FastNote, FastCompress, FlipPaper and WebReplay

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For SysMon 5.0, FastView 4.0, aTunes 2.8, FastCompress 2.8 and FlipPaper 2.3 :

* Added AISS pictures for Tabs, Menus and Buttons.

Requirements see ReadMe for more informations:
-a very recent MUI nighty build version is needed for AISS pictures support in Menus.
-AISS package (in tbimages: assign)

A lot of thanks to :
-Thore Bockelman for the huge and fantastic work on MUI 4.
-Martin 'Mason' Merz for his very big and wonderful AISS collection.
-Samir 'Samo79' Hawamdeh for his aesthetics advices

-SysMon 5.0

* AISS support

* Added libraries versions of MUI, Warp3D_SI (or Warp3D if not available) and MiniGL in System tab

* Added latest version of SpeedTest (v0.3.3a) to make it work again.

* Added SDLBench results for Sam460Ex 1150Mhz with HD6670 graphic card

* Added RageMem & SDLBench results for Sam460cr 1100Mhz with HD6450 graphic card

* Reworked interface to minimize Tabs number.

- Ports and Applications are merged in Applications Tab
- IDETool and Devices are merged in Devices Tab
- Locks and Assigns are merged in Assigns Tab
- Benchmarks, Libraries and System are merged in System Tab

* Added a "FlushMUI" button in Libraries tab.
It can be useful for unlocking/freeing MUI pictures cache.
Warning, FlushMUI quits all running MUI programs.

* Fixed a DSI when SpeedTest servers failed to be retrieved.

* Fixed a bug when SpeedTest benchmark was started from a SysMon location with blank character in path.

* Fixed the width of all the buttons

* [SysMon_USBRecycle 1.1]
Added CLI support

-FastView 4.0

* AISS support

* Reworked interface to minimize Tabs number.

- Informations and EXIF are merged in Informations Tab
- Slideshow and Options tabs are merged in Options Tab

* Fixed a PNG alpha mask problem (PDTA_PromoteMask)

* Replaced MUI Register class by new MUI Title class.

-aTunes 2.8

* AISS support

* Fixed the width of all the buttons

* Fixed "Save cover" menu option

-FastNote 1.4

* Auto-move all notes to ENVARC:zzd10h instead of PROGDIR:Data

* Added a tooltype "PATH_NOTES" to specify the location of your notes.

-WebReplay 2.3

* Added LiveLeak website support

Videos sharing site

* Fixed a bug when "Downloading and viewing..." video files with blank characters.

-FastCompress 2.8

* AISS support

-FlipPaper 2.3

* AISS support

* Replaced MUI Register class by new MUI Title class.

See you for the next zTools monthly package...
Guillaume 'zzd10h'

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