Aros Vision 2.9.3. RTG with MESA

Date 4-May-2015 22:53:09
Topic: News

I have just uploaded 2.9.3.

Major changes are that MESA/Gallium is activated by default and it uses Zune instead of MUI (MUI can be activated if necessary). MESA/Gallum needs 256 MB RAM and works only with more than 16bit colour depth and is still slow but it works. I hope this will motivate 68k devs to help with it. Another change is that I now use Zune as standard. That means that more and more Aros applications will be integrated in future.

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all system files updated
Zune and MESA/Gallium activated
Netsurf updated (much faster)
Themes added
Development (GCC) updated
most files from contrib/ports (Aros) integrated
Zuneview added
OWB (old Aros port) works again
FlashMandelNG added
Free Pascal updated (to 3.1)
Amiblitz updated (newest snapshot)
WHDLoad updated

Download and download-condition from:

Here is screenshot with MESA and Stormmesa demos

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