A bounty for our developers 2015 #1

Date 10-May-2015 19:40:26
Topic: software MorphOS

Hello all,

I reflate "A bounty for our developers 2015 #1" to support the developers of non-commercial software for MorphOS having achieved a portage, developed or updated something since the beginning of the year.

The bounty will end on June 30th, 2015 and will be shared equally between the developers listed below(*):

- Fab (E-UAE 1.0.0 JIT)
- naTmeg (AmigaMark, exFATfs)
- BSzili (LÖVE, FreeCiv)
- pegasossigi (ShowVector, Calimero)
- OffseT (ACE)
- Thomas Igracki (gTranslator, yWeather, AddShortcut)
- Templario (Acuario 2015, VAMP, SirenaPlayer)
- Geit (SimpleCat)
- widelec (KwaKwa, jabber.module, gg.module)
- Stefan Haubental (Abbaye des Morts, cabextract, Stella, amath, uBee512)
- Lázár Zoltán (PDFToolKit, SQLMan)
- Rob Cranley (SMBMounter, InstallerGen)
- realstar (Hu-Go!, FCEU)
- James Jacobs (AmiArcadia, WormWars, Saga, Africa, ReportPlus)
- Guillermo Amat (toram)

(*)If developers don't want to be on this list or if I forgot somebody (I apologize), they can contact me, I will update the list as soon as possible. You can send your donation via the PayPal button available in the box "Bounty for dev" on www.warmup-asso.org website. I will update the list of donations as soon as possible. If you do not want your real name in the list of donors, you can ask me to register your nickname or "Anonymous".

The purpose of this project is to thank the developers for their work. If each user gives a little bit and we are more and more numerous, it may be able to inspire eventually other developers to join us...

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