Ian Stedman announced new DIY projects

Date 3-Aug-2003 15:44:10
Topic: Hardware News

Ian Stedman announced he has finished 2 more DIY projects 24bit I/O card and fixed Audio Mixer will be uploaded. Programs written for them. And the other one is coming soon Clock port serial card. Read more for the Original mail that came from Ian.


I have been busy building a few PCBs the last few days, 2 off which are related to Amiga hacks projects.

I re-designed my Audio-mixer PCB to correct a silly design error. That is tested and all wokrs fine, looks very good too.

The other PCB is my 24 bit I/O card that plugs into the parallel port. The prototype had been working for a while, so I got a PCB made. Have yet to test the board.

I have written drivers for it in C, going through final testing. There are also drivers in development to use the board with a PC.

I hope to upload some prototype pictures soon. If anyone is interested in some PCBs, contact me.

I have finished a PCB layout for my clockport serial card and have the majority of the parts, just need to get the PCB made. This will be my first
surface mount PCB, should be fun!

That's enough for now.



Sent by Ian Stedman
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