Aros Vision X86 1.0 uploaded

Date 10-May-2015 19:41:06
Topic: software AROS

I have just uploaded first version of Aros Vision X86 1.0

It is "Windows hosted" that means it can started as a application without needing VMWare or dedicated hardware and without any installation. Disadvantage: no sound or network support. That also means that software that requires network does not start (the case for some games). Most applications work. It is also suited for developers to test software.


It is based on Magellan with some basic optimizations (filetypes), includes Antiryad (debug requester but otherwise works), Free Pascal, many emulators, some games and many applications like Amifig, Lunapaint and so on.

Mesa/Gallium works of course.

Most software included in:


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