WarpJPEG.datatype 45.12 - now with AltiVec speed boost

Date 15-May-2015 18:58:21
Topic: Software News

A new faster version of WarpJPEG and associated WarpDTPrefs has been released, bringing AltiVec speed optimisations to AmigaOS 4.x and MorphOS users, making JPEG decoding at least 1.5x faster than before, along with several other improvements for WarpOS and AmigaOS 3.x also. You may be aware that I originally wrote the jpeg.datatype supplied with AmigaOS 4.x, but now WarpJPEG outperforms it by some considerable margin.

Full list of changes:

* Added AltiVec speed optimizations for the OS4 and MorphOS versions
making decoding speed of baseline images 1.5x faster on a G4 and
1.9x faster on a PA6T, with fancy upsampling off, on average.
With fancy upsampling on, the AltiVec speed gain is even greater -
1.9x faster on a G4 and 2.3x faster on a PA6T. These optimizations
can be toggled off/on using the new USE_ALTIVEC setting.

* Huffman decoder in PowerPC versions is now 5-10% faster.

* Reintegrated higher quality fancy upsampling smoothing feature from
IJG jpeglib v6b which had not been present since WarpJPEG 45.5 due
to its removal from IJG jpeglib v7 and higher.

* MorphOS and WarpOS versions recompiled with VBCC 0.9d.

* Added new set of benchmarks for OS4 (benchmark updates for other
platforms suspended until my A1200 motherboard has been repaired).

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