New U-boot 2015.a for Sam460/AmigaOne 500

Date 18-May-2015 15:04:28
Topic: News

A new U-boot 2015.a for Sam460/AmigaOne 500 is available from our online shop.
These are the new features:

- new redesigned GUI with an 'amiga' style, enabled via Menu->Video Options->Console->Silent
- unified support for Sam460ex and Sam460cr boards
- support for USB EHCI, now booting from a SD card is very fast
- better support for USB devices
- removed 2 GB limit for USB sticks
- better compatibility with newer Radeon HD graphic cards
- introduced a new menu entry to change the x86 gfx BIOS emulator accuracy. If your graphic card
show some visual problems on startup, try increasing the x86 BIOS emulator accuracy
- new DDR2 boost settings: read, write, read + write (up to 5% speed increase on reads and up to
10% on writes)
- DDR2 boost setup done from a new menu entry
- added support for old Permedia2 graphic cards, for 'history' reasons
- added 'ping' command
- corrected a bug in the serial port GPIO configuration

Before upgrading, we strongly suggest to read the included guide, especially the warning about the USB EHCI driver.

This update is available on our online shop, on this page

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