A-EON Technology acquires TuneNet

Date 28-May-2015 22:11:01
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A-EON Technology acquires TuneNet
Cardiff, 26th May 2015

A-EON Technology Ltd is pleased to announce that it has purchased the rights to TuneNet, the multi-format Music Player and Internet Radio Streamer for AmigaOS 4 from its developer, Paul Heams.

As part of the agreement A-EON has acquired the exclusive rights to the full TuneNet source code, binaries and plugins along with the worldwide exclusive rights to publish and distribute the software and its plugins.

A-EON has also acquired the TuneNet web domain and exclusive rights to all trade names for product marketing, promotion and branding for the AmigaOS and Amiga-related operating systems including emulation.

Meanwhile Paul Heams will retain the non-exclusive rights to the "audio re-sampling class" source code for other projects.

TuneNet is a modular multi-format player which was developed from the ground up by Paul Heams in 2004. It supports a range of music formats through special plugins and includes recording and Shout/Ice-cast broadcasting. It also includes a system GUI along with a customisable miniature dock facility and XML drive skinnable interface. Over the years, TuneNet has received many notable upgrades. It was made freely available on OS4Depot and was also bundled as a third-party contribution with AmigaOS 4.1

In recent years, due to changing work commitments, Paul hasn’t been able to devote time to support and update TuneNet. Rather than let his creation stagnate Paul said, “I’ve realised for quite a while that TuneNet needed a new home. I just did not have the time to give it the attention it deserved and I’m really pleased that A-EON have taken up the challenge to drive it forward”. Matthew Leaman added,“TuneNet is quality AmigaOS software and we look forward to building on Paul’s excellent legacy”.

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