zTools 1.8 available on AMIStore

Date 1-Jun-2015 22:38:53
Topic: software OS4

zTools 1.8, new free monthly update, is now available on AMIStore.

This version contains some enhancements for FastView & aTunes and minor updates for SysMon & FlipPaper.

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-FastView 4.1

Please, read ReadMe.txt for more informations.

* Added an new column to display thumbnail of pictures.

* Added an Autorotate option to automatically rotate JPEG pictures according to the rotation EXIF indicator.

* Added a parameter AutoRotate (ON / OFF, default OFF)

* Added a singlepicture switch AutoRotate =ON OFF (default OFF)

* Added a "Open in FastView" SinglePicture menu option to open current picture in standard FastView

-aTunes 2.9

* Added CLI support to add Songs/Drawers by CLI

* Increased the relative width of the Song Informations frame.

* Fixed a wrong ASL requester freeing.

* Fixed a non freed signal

-SysMon 5.1

* Added a shortcut and a bubble help for System/Libraries/FlushMUI button

-FlipPaper v2.4

* Modified menus "Send by..." and "Disposal"

See you for the next zTools package...maybe in september
Guillaume 'zzd10h'

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