RETRO PLANET - Issue 8 - June 2015 - OUT NOW!

Date 9-Jun-2015 20:16:49
Topic: News

RETRO PLANET - Issue 8 - June 2015

New issue is OUT! Click read more... To get all the info.

Special Review: Sturmwind (Sega Dreamcast)

Interview: Pascal Papara: An introduciton to the AROS world

Interview: Bill "Maddog" Μitsis ( A trip to the world of coin ops, emulated or real.

Market Watch: Amiga 600

Hardware: Texas Instruments ΤΙ-99/4 & ΤΙ-99/4Α

AdventureLand: Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards

Plus our usual stuff like:

Retro News
Amiga Update
8 & 16 Bit New Releases
and many more....

Retro Planet is a printed magazine about retro computer & consoles stuff.

52 full color pages full of Amiga & Retro stuff!

The magazine is focused on Amiga of course, but it includes topics about other computers and consoles as well.

The magazine comes out every three months -four issues a year-.

It is written in Greek language however we are promoting it online as well with some special exclusive articles in English. To give a start in this we have launched our website.

If you want a copy of our latest issue please write us @ amigaplanetgreece AT gmail DOT com or visit the site. We ship worldwide.

Thanks to EVERYONE for all the support!


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