A-EON Technology acquires DvPlayer

Date 14-Jun-2015 13:45:12
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A-EON Technology acquires DvPlayer
The premier multimedia player for AmigaOS 4

Cardiff 14th June 2015

A-EON Technology are pleased to announce that, a year after becoming the sole distributor of DvPlayer, we have now secured the exclusive rights from its developer Stephen Fellner.

As part of the agreement A-EON Technology has acquired a world-wide, exclusive, perpetual and irrevocable license to develop, publish and distribute the full Dvplayer source code, binaries and plugins. A-EON has also acquired the DvPlayer web content and exclusive rights to all trade names for product marketing, promotion and branding for the AmigaOS and Amiga-related operating systems including emulat-ion. Meanwhile Stephen Fellner will retain non-exclusive rights to elem-ents of his original source code for potential future projects. The current version of DvPlayer runs under AmigaOS 4.1 and supports the following video formats:-

MPEG-1/2 video streams
MPEG-1/2 system streams
MPEG audio files
VideoCD and SVCD
DVD Video
AVI files (inc.OpenDML extens.)
ASF/WMV files
AIFF audio files

DvPlayer also supports many audio and video codecs via avcodec.library, including MPEG Video 1/2, DiVX, XVID, MJPG, Cinepak, Indeo Video, PCM, MPEG Audio (Layer1-3) and more. It uses fast direct-rendering algorithms for every possible HiColor and TrueColor display mode and separate rendering routines for half scale and 16:9 movies so that they are correctly displayed at the correct aspect ratio. DvPlayer uses a new triple buffering technique which is only available in OS4.0+. There are numerous other features including:- keyboards shortcuts, a skinnable GUI, full screen and windowed displays, Amidock support, DVD and VideoCD playback, subtitle support, support for external plugins, a visual audio scope and many, many more.

DvPlayer was developed by Steven, who is himself an Amiga enthusiast, to deliver the ultimate multimedia experience for AmigaOS 4.1. Matthew Leaman, commented on the latest addition to A-EON’s growing software catalogue, “DvPlayer has always been a favourite amongst AmigaOS 4 users and we are pleased to secure it for the future”. To which Stephen Fellner added, “Amiga was the first home computer to deliver a true multimedia experience. My goal with DvPlayer was to continue that legacy. Now it's time to take it to the next level and I'm very happy to have A-EON bring new life to this project.” A beta version of DvPlayer is currently being tested which supports the RadeonHD v2 driver’s hardware accelerated video playback using the graphics card’s own GPU. DvPlayer is available from AMIStore.

For more information please visit:- dvplayer.amistore.net

boldly taking DvPlayer into the future

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