Announcing presentation by Ron Nicholson and Joe Decuir at the Amiga 30th US

Date 17-Jun-2015 14:45:30
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Hello Friends,

The organizing team of the US Amiga 30th anniversary is extremely pleased to announce that Ron and Joe will be presenting for the first time their work on the Amiga Lorraine chip set.

When Jay Miner started to dream about building a revolutionary new system that could be the ultimate game system and a new class of personal computer her started to assemble a team of top talent. Some of the first people Jay reached out to were Ron Nicholson and Joe Decuir. Together they crafted what would become the first Amiga custom chip-set and raise the bar for the personal computer.

Ron and Joe are going to take us a ride from the late 70ís and early 80ís, Appleís and Atariís to understand the climate that produced the Amiga custom chip set and ultimately the Amiga 1000. Both have been involved so many projects and touched so many key technologies over the last 30 years but doing so from the start of the project and moving on when their work was complete.
We are honored to be able to welcome two engineers who played pivotal roles in both the develop of the Atari and Amiga systems.

Ron and Joe will be presenting Saturday morning as part of our Saturday speaker series. Following Ron and Joe will we will have Jim Mackraz, Colin Proudfoot, and more. Additional details on the speakers and the exhibitors is coming here in the next few weeks.

Tickets on sale now at Amiga 30 website


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