LoView 2.90 Released for ALL Amiga flavours!

Date 25-Jun-2015 22:14:35
Topic: Software News

Hi Guys!
I've just uploaded LoView to OS4Depot AROS Exec and AmiNET(for all Amiga flavours), I hope that new release was good enough for all!

I've get some feedback from last releases and I tried to accomplish every task asked...

Also added in that new release the Opus5 "compatibility" option (via ToolTypes) for LoViewThumb and reworked the LoViewThumb numberizing and multi-renaming functions to have a more user-friendly program! I tried it and for me was enough friendly :)

Please feel free to left your feedback!

Here is the changelog from the previous versions:

18.06.2015 v2.90
  • Fixed some annoying bugs and improved some program usability, enache numerizing and renaming with Thumber and also added a new ToolType on LoViewThumb to start on Opus5 compatibility mode.

26.05.2015 v2.85
  • Fixed some annoying bugs, added 3 new preferences to choose:
    1. If use Internal or External JPEG Loader,
    2. If the prefs will be saved automatically on exit
    3. An Opus5 compatibility option

25.04.2015 v2.80
  • Fixed some really annoying bugs, Reworked Exif reading routine with support for some Pentax Makernote TAGs and and added some new more standard TAGs to be shown
  • Added a complete preferences editor with also an easy installation procedure.
    • Now the LoView menu is a system friendly menu when LoView works in windowed mode.
    • Now preferences was stored in ENVARC:LoView/ and no more in the LoView icon(the old ones can be imported from old
      LoView icon while installing)

  • The SlideShow routine was now completely reworked to grant the user a full immersive new mode(now you can switch SlideShow in complete FullScreen and change also background colour if you like) so you can nicely slide your honeymoon or trips or whatever you like photos to your friends/parents with your Amiga on your home TV :)
  • Added a NEW prefs "Load ALL" that can be selected to pass the entire file list to LoView without pre-scan directory for valid files in that way the image will be loaded same time than with
    SinlgePic pref selected but you have the whole file list available in the Jump To window to choose(wrong files will be eliminated while loading), now the Crop function don't draw a fixed crop area but that can be resized clicking on the borders while appear the hand-pointer.
  • Added the new preferences NoOutpuError that skips silently unsupported files(really useful if you load huge directory with not so much supported files and use together the LoadALL preferences)
  • Added iconify functionality from the menu
  • added the ability to drag drawers over the LoView icon in AmyDock instead of only single files. *** The LoView experience was now 10/15% faster thanks to new Hollywood 6! ***

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