MultiViewer Update Released on AMIStore

Date 11-Jul-2015 14:14:58
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MultiViewer Update Released on AMIStore
Cardiff 11th July 2015

A-EON Technology Ltd is pleased announce the update release v1.2 of MultiViewerNG. The update is available free of charge from AMIStore to all existing MultiViewer users.

Several pieces of invaluable user feedback we noted and the beginning of new multi language support has been added to the latest update.

Changes since 1.1 release
- Double Click Middle Mouse Button in zoom mode to rest to 100%
- GetPubScreen Arexx command
- Extended FileList saving system
- Always call ScreenToFront when opening wndow
- Doesn't attempt to cache any file greater than the CACHELIMIT
- Improved Install Script

New language support for:
- Czech
- Dutch
- French
- German
- Greek
- Italian
- Spanish
- Swedish

A special thank you to the translators for this!

About MultiViewer

MultiViewer is an advanced file viewer utility for viewing any type of file supported by the Amiga's datatypes system.

This can be used for typically viewing AmigaGuide files, image files, sounds, text and many other supported datatypes which are already installed on the system.

It has new features such as tabs, toolbar and a powerful ARexx interface.

Useful image clip, rotate and resize tools are available for quick image manipulation. Images can be loaded into a paint package at a click of an icon.

* Toolbar icons which user can hide
* File list which user can hide
* Tabs mode which user can switch on/off
* Can run from Shell or Workbench
* File and image editing hotlinks
* Mark mode for copying sections of image to clipboard
* Image zoom and rotate (supports mouse wheel)
* Powerful ARexx interface with scripts menu
* Save images in various file formats
* Optional hardware accelerated graphics
* Text file searching functions
* Image slideshow playback
* Various add-ons such as Watch Drawer

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