SQLMan - SQLite database manager updated

Date 13-Jul-2015 12:56:02
Topic: Software News

SQLite Manager updated to V0.3

Download OS4, MOS, OS3.1, Aros version from OS4Depot or Aminet.

It is still alpha, so feature requests, bug reports are welcome!

This application based on the SQLite database engine and lets you create, view and modify databases. The database handling can happen via the GUI or there is an SQL command shell to serve any needs. There is a preliminary support for open xml spreadsheet files which can be converted to databases and even to native Amiga spreadsheets.

- fix: Amiga+C shortcut for close is changed to Amiga+k
- add: output for console execute
- add: console output to external window or inside the console prefs menuitem
- fix: failed to list field names from an empty table
- rem: no more need To insert a record after create a new table
- fix: non latin characters in the field names made program crash
- fix: file locked even after closed
- fix: no more crash at clicking the values listviev at right from the last field
- add: prefs menuitems to control insert position of console output (cursor/bottom)
- Add: plugin infrastructure For import
- fix: record list align integers right
- add: sortable query lists
- add: doubleclick an item in the field list reloads values with the order of the selected field
- fix: columns list unnecessary refresh removed
- fix: insert update sql command to the console only if the console is the active page
- fix: a typo in the source blocked new file database creation (reported by Enrique)
- fix: table names uppercase conversion removed because that not works with some accented characters
- add: added rowid to values listview, hidden by default and other field attributes to the 'columns' listview
- add: edit panel
- add: full filename with path in the about window

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