AmiModRadio - All of Aminet modules at your fingertips

Date 20-Jul-2015 15:37:09
Topic: Software News

Did you know that, as of today (2015/06/02), there are more than 20,000 packages in the mods directory on Aminet? Yes! That's more than 20,000 modules to play and enjoy! So, why not have a program that could automatically download one module at-a-time, extract it, and play it? This is the purpose of AmiModRadio...

AmiModRadio is composed essentially of four parts:

- A small FTP client to access Aminet and download archives containing modules;
- A XAD client to unarchive the downloaded archives;
- A ARexx command-and-control system to gently ask players to play the module;
- A MUI interface to control the various parts of AmiModRadio, in particular to permanently saved desired modules as well as pause/play and skip modules.

AmiModRadio is open source. Its source code and binaries are available on SourceForge and BitBucket ! Manual and other resources are available on its Web page. AmiModRadio binaries are available here:

- 2015/07/19, v0.7.

Please contribute by asking for features or reporting bugs!

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