"Primal" Audio CD by Andrew Barnabas released

Date 5-Aug-2003 15:08:00
Topic: Announcement

Andrew Barnabas has been responsible for many scene and game tunes over the years. Some of you may remember him under his handle of NightShade/Crusaders. Now together with his friend Paul Arnold, they have started their own production company, and their first CD, Primal, is now ready for release.

Primal is a fully orchestral soundtrack recorded with the City of Prague Philharmonic orchestra and choir. It sounds great!

  1. Opening credits
  2. The Timekeeper
  3. Arella's Theme
  4. A Love Lost
  5. Jen Meets Arella
  6. Raum & Empusa
  7. The Demon Awakes
  8. Coliseum
  9. A Prince in Chains
  10. World of Water
  11. The Turbulent Depths
  12. A Kingdom Restored
  13. The Mad King
  14. Mountain of Suffering
  15. Devil's Waltz
  16. Dark Science
  17. The Helot
  18. Temple of Flame
  19. Hall of Gods
  20. Journey's End
You purchase this album from a fellow ex-Crusaders member, Bjorn Lynne.

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