InstallerGen Updated to Version 1.3

Date 24-Jul-2015 9:54:59
Topic: software Classic

I've just released an update for InstallerGen, my tool for creating Installer scripts using a GUI.

A couple of bugs in the previous version have been fixed in this release, along with the addition of drag & drop support and bubble help. There are some other low priority updates in the works but I've released it now in order to solve the problems a couple of people were having with it.

InstallerGen 1.3 can be downloaded from my website, and shortly from Aminet too.

Thanks to everyone for the feedback and the donations!

Changes in this version include:
- Worked around bug that caused main list to sometimes lose its scrollbars
- Fixed bug that caused random characters to be rejected from % complete box
- Added pop-up bubble help for all gadgets (English only for the moment...)
- Added many more items to the tab cycle chain
- Welcome step now the default step for first added step, Message step for all subsequent steps
- Comment string gadget now activated automatically when a step is added
- Added TextEditor gadgets for messages and help strings for easier editing
- Streamlined the redrawing of the listviews
- Step list can now be rearranged using drag & drop
- Project files can be dropped into main window to open them
- Files and drawers can be dropped into Files list window to add them to file copy steps
- Added support for Workbench arguments so projects can now be opened by setting the default tool to InstallerGen, shift-clicking, or dropping project files onto InstallerGen's icon in AmiDock

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