New Amiga 1200 case kickstarter campaign launched

Date 30-Jul-2015 22:48:13
Topic: hardware Classic

Philippe Lang just launched a new kickstarter campaign to build new cases to replace our yellowing Amiga 1200 cases. As the moulds are quite costly, 125,000 has to be collected.

The campaign started a few days ago and already managed to get more than 28,000 euros from 187 backers.

If the campaign is successful, the team also plan to make new keyboards. The new case will be compatible with Jens' Amiga Reloaded motherboard.

The case will have several enhancements compared with the old one :

  • made of anti-UV ASA plastic, resistant to yellowing;
  • A CF slot above the PCMCIA one ;
  • New expansion trapdoor designed to help better airflow ;
  • New rear trapdoor to adapt to DVI/HDMI or VGA ;
  • HxC display slot ;
  • Two USB slots ;
  • VGA-shaped hole in place fo the RF - Modulator one.

It will be available in many different colours, including a few limited editions for best backers.

Click here to go to the Kickstarter Campaign.

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