"Sidologie" Audio CD released by Marcel Donne

Date 5-Aug-2003 15:14:05
Topic: Announcement

Marcel Donne has created a new album based around those old haunting melodies from the classic C64 game era, but with the added twist of creating them in a Jarre-esque and Vangelis style.

It is a great album for nostalgics of all ages, and especially those who enjoyed Jean Michel Jarre's and Vangelis' classic early albums, or those classic C64 melodies. The song name in [brackets] indicates which Jarre or Vangelis album that production was particularly influenced by.

  1. Sidologie Intro - Marcel Donne [Revolutions]
  2. Rambo Loading Theme - Martin Galway [Equinoxe]
  3. Lightforce - Rob Hubbard [Revolutions]
  4. Bombo - Ben Daglish [Oxygene]
  5. Cobra - Sylvester Levay/Ben Daglish [Bladerunner]
  6. Yie-Ar Kung Fu II - Martin Galway [Chariots of Fire]
  7. Knucklebusters - Rob Hubbard [Zoolook]
  8. Wizball High Score - Martin Galway [Band in the Rain]
  9. Miami Vice - Martin Galway [Equinoxe/Oxygene]
  10. Nemesis the Warlock - Rob Hubbard
  11. Rambo High Score - Martin Galway [Oxygene]

As with Primal, Sidologie can be purchased from the website of Bjorn Lynne.

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