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Date 10-Aug-2015 19:01:39
Topic: hardware Classic

Hi everybody,

This has been a long time since our last news from the shop here ;)

First : we thank all of you who have ordered some products on our webshop or for your mails ;)

After that, we have put a facebook page online for our shop, which you can join HERE.

We're working on a plexiglass support for easily installing the HxC Slim SD card reader in the Amiga 500 / 600 / 1200 and ATARI STf, this project should be finalized in september and you can see some work in progress pictures on our facebook page ;)

Also, we have received some new products in stock :
- RyS MKII adapters for using most of USB mouse (wired or not) and USB Joysticks / Joypad on your Classic Amiga DB9 ports,
- Sum USB internal adapters for using most of USB keyboard (wired or not, internal original keyboard is NOT deactivated with this adapter).

Also, we have opened the pre-orders for the new ACA1221 accelerator's boards for your Amiga 1200 which will come with a 68020@16MHz, 9MB fastram, two clock ports and one floppy power supply port (for powering a RapidRoad board for example).
You can pre-order this product HERE right now !

For informations, we'll be also present with a stall at the Amiga 30 Germany meeting in october ;)
Thanks to Markus for inviting us ;)

At last, we're happy to welcome a new partner in the company : Franck 'Sheldon' Bednarski !
He's very interested in testing all possible Amiga products and he's mainly the guy behind the HxC Slim plexiglass support project !

Also, he loves Amiga as well as Atari, so, in the future, we'll try adding some products for Atari computers too ;)

Thanks to him for ll he does for the shop and espacially for the Amiga ;)

Thanks for all your support and don't hesitate visiting our webshop (english flag on the top right corner of the site) and our facebook page ;)
Laurent and Franck
Amedia Computer

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