Back to the Roots update 238

Date 18-Nov-2002 14:53:32
Topic: News

Back to the Roots has been updated once more to update 238.

Now that summer is past here, we've prepared some sports events for you, to test your winter fitness.

"Summer Olympiad" (Tynesoft) allows you to compete in many various events. "Buffalo Bill's Rodeo Games" takes you to the wild west. With "Shadow Fighter" and "Karate Kid 2" you can train your arms and legs. Show us your soccer skills with "Empire Soccer" and how you can ride a motor-bike in "Super Hang On". Training for your brain is offered with "K240", "Millenium 2.2" and more! Last but not least we'd like to inform you that you can put on an astronaut's suit in the legendary game "Exile" and that you can run faster than Sonic together with the cute little dog "Tearaway Thomas"!

This update even features rare box scans (e.g. XR35, Quik and Silva) and articles about two great Amiga demo groups: Ephidrena and Loonies.

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