Plexiglass Support for HxC Slim and News ;)

Date 2-Sep-2015 18:39:09
Topic: hardware Classic

After releasing and testing several prototypes, we have finally been able to conclude our HxC Slim plexiglass support for easing its integration in the Amiga 500 / 600 / 1200 and Atari ST(e-f) computers !

Effectively, these readers are more and more used and for informations, Jean-François Del Nero has recently begin porting the Gotek firmware on it !

But the main problem of these devices was always how to mount it correctly ??

So, Amedia Computer's team has been thinking of this and after many work with Franck 'Sheldon', we have managed launching a production of the final version !

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You can pre-order it right now with the following links :
-Plexiglass Support only : 19,90 euros (french VAT included),
-Promo Pack Plexiglass Support and HxC Slim reader : 82,90 euros instead of 86,90 euros (french VAT included) !

A little mounting manual (french, english and german) and a screws kit will be included.

Don't forget notifying the model of your computer in your order comment since each one has its own screws kit !

We also remind you that we have posted some photos of mounting example on our Facebook page.

We also have added a Starter Kit for FPGA clone boards like Mist and FPGA Arcade with an original Workbench 3.1 and kickstart 3.1 file installed on a 8GB memory card and all you can need for using these products !

At the end, we remind you that we'll receive the new ACA1221 boards for Amiga 1200 this week, so, don't hesitate and order it right now :)

P.S. : there is an english flag on the top right corner of the site ;)

Thanks, Laurent, Franck and Alberto
Amedia Computer - Your REAL Amiga Reseller ;)

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